Liverpool lifestyle photography at it's best... with Peonie and Me...!

After meeting Renee through my maternity model call, I am excited to announce the start of an exciting partnership... Renee has asked me to provide all the lifestyle photography for her blog 'Peonie and Me...x'!

Renee is a Liverpool mummy blogger based in Woolton and blogs about the highs and lows of being a mum of two beautiful boys. She blogs the usual mummy style tips, but also more serious pieces about post-natal depression, something many new mums can relate to.

Our session last Sunday morning was so fun, and it was lovely for me to meet, and photograph, the other members of the family! Henry, 2, was full of mischief and laughter. New baby Georgie was incredibly cute and very well behaved for 7 weeks old! And Renee was like I remembered; full of laughter and looking fantastic.

The session began with some family shots on the sofa. Renee has since told me it means so much to her to have some lovely pictures of herself with the boys; often the mum is behind the camera, so these shots of them together are ones she said she will treasure.

We then got some individual photos of Renee and the boys...By this time Georgie was in his moses and Henry was playing happliy with his trucks ...although he did have time for a little peek in at his baby brother....

Many thanks so Renee and the boys for a great session and I will so you again soon!


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