16 ideas for lifestyle Christmas photography!

It’s nearly here! I think having two toddlers this year has ramped up my excitement to sky-high levels. I cannot wait to see their squishy little faces on Christmas morning, and I also cannot wait to document the day with some beautiful lifestyle photos!

These little lovelies, incidentally, are not my two but from a recent lifestyle photography session from fab Liverpool mummy blogger Renee over at Peonie & Me...x (http://www.peonieandme.co.uk)

So, if you want to do the same but don’t know where to start I have some tips for you!

Firstly, whether you have a DSLR, a compact camera or a phone camera, you are probably going to be shooting in low light. Not only is it pretty dark outside generally but inside the lights are turned down low to ensure fairy lights twinkle and candles glow. This means your camera may struggle. I'm not a huge fan of flash so I'd suggest cranking up the ISO – even your phone can do this nowadays! Having a wide open aperture will also try to make the most of available light and provide that dreamy background that professional photographers love. Again, your phone might even be able to do this, or have a portrait mode which might do the same. I love to get the tree in the background, or those twinkly fairy lights that create some great effects.

White balance is another thing to consider…a lot of those lovely Christmas tree lights are quite yellow. Again, you can easily warm up or cool down your pictures by playing about with this!

I love ‘lifestyle’ photography, which means documenting life as it happens. This means my photos contain real moments and memories.

Here are some moments for you to capture with your family this Christmas –

  1. setting the dinner table

  2. decorating the tree

  3. wrapping up pressies

  4. preparing the Christmas dinner

  5. pulling crackers

  6. everyone in their special Christmas PJs!

  7. little details – a special decoration, something made by one of the kids at nursery

  8. writing a letter to santa

  9. visiting santa

  10. a yummy mug of hot chocolate

  11. baking Christmas goodies, especially gingerbread!

  12. any little traditions that are unique to your family

  13. anyone who falls asleep on the sofa

  14. snow/frost and snowmen

  15. sparklers

  16. your pets - don't forget them!

If you prefer a more posed or 'set up' look like the pictures above, you can include some props, like blankets and cuddly throws, or Christmas decorations.

So, get snapping!


lots of love xx

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