Prints – my link to the past!

This is something that I have wanted to write about for a long time. Prints….what’s the big deal?!

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE history. I am a trained History Teacher for goodness sake! Old photographs have always been a very special historical source to me…being able to peek into the past and look into the eyes of the people that lived there is something I find magical. It literally gives me butterflies and tugs at my heart.

I love social history and learning about how previous generations lived. Who were they? How did they live? What were their trials and tribulations, dreams and aspirations? Having a photograph, capturing a tiny split-second moment in their lives, really inspires me. As the old cliché goes, a story tells a thousand words; it tells a story. A story about people, about the time in which they lived.

Some of my favourite photographs (aside from my children and wedding!) are of my grandparents. One is my maternal grandmother. All our family have this portrait of her framed in our houses. She was 18 when it was taken and utterly beautiful.

My paternal grandmother gave me an old album a few years before she died, knowing how much it would mean to me. It shows the first couple of years of her and my grandad ‘courting’. The pictures are of them at the park, with family, with friends, just the two of them clearly in love and enjoying each other. I am sooooo grateful to have these! They are my link with the past and with love felt in a different time. I will pass them down to my children.

So why am I telling you this? I’m not going to write on here how much I hate digital files…I don’t. I love them! You can be so creative with editing and instantly share with people around the world – amazing!

BUT…I just love prints waaaaay more! I have thousands and thousands of digital photographs of my children and past holidays stored on a hard drive. I mean like 35,000. Crazy. But here is the thing – I hardly EVER look at them. I’ve had hard drives break in the past too. A memory card from my daughter’s first Christmas broke before I even got them transferred and I was devastated.

Grandad at Roundhay Park, Leeds. Nana on her 21st birthday, S. Wales

So this summer I am going to print off a few hundred (read thousand!) and put them in albums. And the rest are going on the wall. Why? Because one day, I want my children to see their photographs and hold them in their hands. To give them something real. Something that might stir the feelings of love me and their dad have for them. Maybe to make a connection to someone in the distant future.

So, this summer, if you value your memories and your past then get printing and framing and displaying! One day you might inspire your grandchildren too.

Lots of love x

#familyphotography #prints #history

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